About Me

About Dr. Siobhan France: Doctor of Physical Therapy and Wellness coach. Dr. France attended The University of Pittsburgh and graduated in 2012 with her doctoral degree in physical therapy. She has become an advocate for the older adult population and is a speaker and the author of “How To Live A Life Of Fitness: The Ultimate Start-Up Guide For Older Adults.” She is also the creator of the low impact workout system for older adults – JumpStart 180. Dr. France is committed to helping her patients reduce their pain, return to their level of function before injury and improve their overall quality of life all through the power of movement. She continues to motivate and inspire her patients to stay dedicated to their journey of continued health.

About Her Goals:

Dr. France takes physical therapy to the next level by adding an emotional and mental component to healing and fitness. Experience has shown Dr. France that it is never too late to start on a journey to a healthier you. Her goal is empower aging adults mentally, physically, and emotionally, to get started on living the life you want and not let aging become a burden.

About Her Inspiration:

Dr. France began her own personal fitness training when she was a little girl. She figured skated competitively and learned the ins and outs of practice, hard work, and discipline. She couldn’t expect to just show up to the skating rink everyday and train – she had to eat healthy and strength train in order to support her body so it can execute all of her skating moves. This was the foundation for her love of fitness. Today she coaches many of her patients on how to begin a fitness program that is appropriate and safe for them, along with helping them to find their motivation and inspiration to keep going, thus improving their emotional and mental well being. Dr. France is committed to helping older adults overcome the obstacles often encountered with aging and make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

Dr. Siobhan France