How To Squat With Resistance Bands

How To Squat With Resistance Bands

I’ve said it once and i’ll continue to say it again – Squatting is an essential exercise. You use the squatting motion when you:

  • Get up from the toilet
  • Get out of a chair (especially if it’s a low chair)
  • Get in/out of a car
  • Pick something up from the floor

Aren’t these important daily activities?

These are also some of the most challenging functional daily activities that you may start to have trouble with, especially if you are struggling with knee pain. Perfecting your squat will keep you functional and maintain your independence for years to come.

If you are new to squatting, or have knee pain, then make sure you can squat pain free first, before adding any resistance.

For those of you that are ready – grab your resistance band and lets get going!


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