Knee Pain With Squatting | Treatment And Prevention

Knee Pain With Squatting | Treatment And Prevention

Let me start off by saying that knee pain with squatting is very common, but it is not normal. The majority of people are squatting improperly and repeating your poor technique over and over again, will ultimately result in pain.

Squatting is a great exercise because it utilizes different muscle groups at once which will help to get stronger. In addition, squatting is a functional activity. What does that mean?

After working with hundreds of patients in the clinic and personal clients who are over 40, one of their main goals is to remain functional as they age in order to maintain their independence.

Well, squatting is a functional activity.

Here are some daily activities that require a squatting position:

  • When you use the bathroom you have to squat down and then get back up. This is one of the first challenges that active agers run into when they start suffering with knee pain.
  • When you pick something off the floor (properly anyway – using your legs and not bending over) that is also a squat position.
  • When you get up from a chair (especially a low chair) it requires the same squat form and technique
  • When you get in/out of a car it requires you to get up or get down with a squat position

Those daily activities are among the hardest challenges when you start suffering with knee pain. This is why learning how to squat is essential.

Here is a video on how to improve your squat form. If you are challenged with knee pain, you maybe squatting improperly and this video will help you fix that. If you don’t have knee pain, make sure your technique is still correct so you can avoid knee pain from happening.

Use a mirror to ensure that you are squatting correctly, or record yourself squatting and then you can analyze your form.

Enjoy the video and Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more videos like these to help prevent and treat your joint pain.

Talk soon,
~Dr. Siobhan France


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