Trigger Point Release For Knee Pain Treatment

Trigger Point Release For Knee Pain Treatment

Ever feel how tight your muscles are? If not, go ahead, feel your thigh muscles right now.

….i’ll wait for a few moments….

Maybe you feel lumps and bumps in your muscles that may or may not be painful.

Well, these “muscle knots” can be a reason for your pain. For example, having some of these knots in you quad (the front thigh muscle) or in your hamstring (the back thigh muscle) can certainly cause pain in your knee.

Our body is under a lot of stress and strain with daily normal activities. It may not seem like it, but we are. When the muscles get continuously stressed and strained it can lead to breakdown of that muscle which can then cause pain.

This is why it’s so important to always treat yourself and be in prevention mode. I use this example a lot with my patients, but think of yourself as an athlete.

Athletes are constantly getting treated to prevent injury and to help their body perform for the next game or the next practice. We cannot wait until our bodies are breaking down to help build them up. We have to constantly build them up so that we can be on the preventative side and not on the treatment side.

This video shows you how to use this self made massage tool to treat the trigger points in your thighs to help reduce knee pain.

Until next time,
Stay happy and healthy,
~Dr. France



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