5 Ways On How To Get Motivated To Start An Exercise Program

5 Ways On How To Get Motivated To Start An Exercise Program

Exercise or physical activity has many benefits – but you will only reap the benefits if it is performed regularly and becomes a permanent habit. You are the key player in your health, but it can often be difficult to get started.

I put together 5 ways to help you start your exercise routine:

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do

  1. You have to believe that you will benefit from exercise and/or physical activities. The mind and body need to stay connected in order to produce the best results. Believe that you can and your body will surprise you!
  2. You have to do activities you enjoy. Don’t force yourself to do something that you don’t like. If you like being outdoors then do outdoor activities. If you enjoy being with friends then turn it into to a social event to exercise with your friends. The most important thing is to have fun!
  3. Fit activities into your daily schedule. We are all busy and have lots going on – but learn how to work in your activities throughout the day. For example when you go grocery shopping and return home to put away your goods – utilize the gallon of milk by lifting it for 10 repetitions in each arm. When you go to the bathroom – raise up on your toes for 10 repetitions. Breaking up your exercises throughout the day will make it seem like less of a task. Another great way is performing your routine first thing in the morning to get it “out of the way.”
  4. Make it a priority. Exercise is the single best thing you can do to maintain and improve your health. You are given one life and one bill of health – put yourself first so that you increase your chances of extending your life to interact with the ones you love.
  5. Find activities that are affordable. Fancy gym memberships are not needed. There are many exercises you can perform outdoors or even in your home. Many community centers or recreational centers offer senior discounts. You don’t have to completely commit to the outdoors or a recreation center – you can do your exercises in all locations to keep it interesting.

When all is said and done – you have to set yourself up for success. Give yourself the opportunity to really change your behavior and your habits about exercise. Try these tips and comment below with your success – or your struggles so we can work through them!

Until Next Time,
Stay Happy & Healthy
~Dr. Siobhan


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