Aging: Pain or Pleasure?

Aging: Pain or Pleasure?

Pain or Pleasure? Which do you choose? 

I recently made a video about this. As a physical therapist, I treat many people in pain, (there are some instances where some are not in pain and need help with function). Some of my patients have been in pain for as little as a few months to YEARS! I’m talking about 20+ years sometimes.

Is it worth being in pain for that long? Why have you not sought out any treatment?

You have spent years in pain, which is years too long. What did that do for the quality of your life? Have you even thought of that?

Overtime, without even realizing it, you have become attached to your pain. Pain starts to define how you live your life. You plan events around “anticipation of” feeling pain.

You pick the closest parking spot because your knees won’t hold up.
You pick the shortest line at the store because your back will bother you after standing too long.
You don’t go to certain family or friend activities because too much walking and standing are involved.

Does any of that sound familiar? How does it make you feel to plan your life around your pain?

At the point that you seek treatment, you have hit your breaking point. The pain has become more real to you. When you come to the clinic, you want a “quick fix” for the pain you have had for 20+ years.

Understand that pain is a factor of many things. It is never just one thing that causes you to feel pain. You can feel better, but it will take some time. I know you wanted to feel better yesterday, but you spent so many years putting up with the pain, how come you can’t spend at least 30 days being consistent with your treatment. 

This is not written to make you upset. It’s written for you to keep an open mind. Give you perspective. I’m empathetic to everything that you feel, and am here to help you.

There is hope, but first you have to understand, and put things into perspective.

Now after reading this – do you choose pain or pleasure to live out the rest of your life? 

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Until next time,
~Dr. Siobhan



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