Dr. France: Properly Breathing With Exercise

Dr. France: Properly Breathing With Exercise

It may sound silly, but do you know how to properly breathe with exercise? Many aging adults don’t know how to properly breathe with exercise which can cause pain or cramping if not improperly. Many active agers are now starting to exercise for the first time and one common mistake is holding your breathe while exercising. It may seem as though it makes the exercise easier, but you are depriving your muscles of the oxygen it needs. Breathing helps to bring oxygen to the muscles so that the muscles can do it’s job.

It is also important to ensure that you are breathing from your diaphragm. How to breathe with your diaphragm you ask? In this video I share a simple trick that you can do to help retrain your breathing. First you place one hand over your tummy, and your other hand over your chest. You want to inhale and allow your tummy to expand without your chest rising up first. The best position to start practicing this technique is laying down, then progress to sitting and then learning how to properly do this with movements.

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~Dr. Siobhan



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