Top 10 Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

Top 10 Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

The medical community (and many others) strongly believes that it is as important for older adults to stay active as it is imperative for younger people. Older adult exercises help build stamina, reduce the chances of disease, and result in an overall healthy aging and better quality of life. There is no need for heavy exercise sessions; Make moderate exercise part of your daily routine. Top 10 Benefits of Exercises for Seniors

The following are the top ten benefits of exercise for seniors:

  1. To prevent osteoporosis and strengthen the bones

As we grow older our bones become weak and some of us will develop Osteoporosis which is one of the major health issues associated with old age. It impacts some 20 thousand women and 5 thousand men and results in more than 250,000 hip bone injuries each year. Adult exercises help in strengthening the bones thus reducing the chances of osteoporosis

  1. To improve self-efficiency and sustain independence

One of the top concerns of older adults is losing control, becoming dependent on others for daily living activities. Older adults exercise helps adults sustain a greater capacity to perform daily living activities

  1. To improve metabolic rate

Strength exercises improve muscle mass, which raises metabolic rate. This will also result in a reduction in overall body fat percentage.

  1. To maintain coordination and balance and to improve reflexes

With age, we start losing our coordination and balance, if we don’t work at keeping them. This can be delayed and even avoided with proper balance exercises.

  1. To create a feeling of belonging

Exercise groups improve social communications for many who may not otherwise leave their homes. New relationships are also triggered during group exercise sessions.

  1. To improve lungs function

Lungs function reduces with age due to the damage of the vertebral drives, which changes the shape of the thoracic activity. Exercising, which reduces the amount of vertebral damage and enhances the durability of the thoracic activity, may cause to improved lung function.

  1. To boost feelings

Exercise reduces the occurrence of depressive disorders and enhances self-esteem while providing a feeling of achievement.

  1. To help prevent and control diabetic issues

Aerobic workout has proven to be an important means of preventing and treating non-insulin-dependent diabetic issues by helping control glucose levels.

  1. To enhance flexibility, joint variety of flexibility and functional activity

Physical activities that require the body to go through the wide variety of bustle allow keeping the body mobile and more flexible. Circulation of blood is also increased.

  1. To improve heart function

Cardiovascular workout assists in keeping a healthy cardiovascular system and heart, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Appropriate physical exercises has proven improvements in most aspects of heart functioning. Strengthening exercises help to increase metaobolism rate, balance exercise to maintain coordination, stretching exercise to improve strength and endurance, exercise to improve your heart rate and breathing, these are the four basic older adults exercises that help dealing with aging problems. So, adults who want healthy aging and better quality life, must make these exercises part of their daily life.

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