You’re Getting Old…So You Should Just Quit

You’re Getting Old…So You Should Just Quit

“It’s just old age.”

“There’s nothing you can do about that – that’s what happens when you get older.”

“Take this medication, it should help…”

Do any of those phrases sound familiar to you? If so, let me be the first to apologize on the other person’s behalf of who told you that. If those phrases are not familiar to you, run the other way if you do hear anything like that.

I’m so tired of hearing those phrases in the media and I’m so tired of hearing my patients tell me that’s what their doctors are telling them.

What they’re really saying to you is – “You’re getting old…so you should just quit.”

I’m here to tell you that getting old is not a death sentence like some may make it seem. It is very possible to have a great quality of life as you get older. Aging should be embraced and not looked down upon. It’s a privilege to live.

Embrace the aging process by taking care of your body, mind and spirit. We are given one body in this lifetime, yet we ill treat it, and let mainstream doctors feed us poison.

They say your mind is a powerful thing to waste, yet we waste it on the latest health craze which is just a band aid for the problems that you might have. People are rushing to the stores for the latest waist trimmers, crashing the internet trying to purchase the next miracle weight loss pill, and frantically searching google for the latest knee brace and analgesic creams to heal your problems.

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Our role as health care professionals is to empower you through education and providing you with real solutions not just something to buy you more time before the problem becomes even bigger.

What I’m really saying is, DON’T YOU DARE QUIT. Aging is an opportunity to LIVE BETTER. You can always improve. Now, you might be saying, “I have an illness that I can’t control.” Yes, some diseases or illness takes its course – but have you ever admired someone for “being dealt a bad hand” and making the best of it? (I’m not comparing you to anyone else, because we are all different, but look at that story for inspiration and find your own strength in it).

Quality of Life is what you make it because it’s all about the mind. So you can always find an opportunity to LIVE BETTER. We’re all living longer, so why not live better?

You just have to take care of yourself one piece at a time. Don’t try to fix it all in one day. But challenge yourself daily to live a better life despite the hand that you are dealt.

So Don’t you dare quit on me now!!


Until Next Time,
~Dr. Siobhan
Ps. I get the urge to write often, but don’t. So much more needs to be said on this topic of aging and how we treat ourselves. Stay tuned…I’ll be sharing a lot more on this topic.


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