Tricep Strength & Shoulder Stability

Tricep Strength & Shoulder Stability

We all need stability in our shoulders, how else are we going to carry those heavy grocery bags, clean around the house and do our gardening work? It requires strength, but also stability.

The triceps (the muscle group in the back of your arm) is used to help push yourself up from a low chair if your legs are not strong enough, and also pull and push heavy objects. Tricep Strength and shoulder stability

Regardless of the activities you need to do around the home or at work I guarantee you that your tricep muscle plays a role. This particular exercise helps to improve the strength of your tricep while working on the stability of the shoulder. The shoulder is a dynamic joint with a lot of movement, doing this exercise will help to ensure the control of these movements. These are the kind of exercises that maintain your independence and your function for maximum joint health. 

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